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Geneva Saint Charles Chicago Illinois Photobooth
Chicago Illinois Wood vintage elegant high end photo booth

A photobooth that is nostalgic and modern

We wanted to find a booth that would be just as unique and high end as your event. With so many generic and impersonal photobooth brands out there, we discovered a handcrafted wood booth made by a small shop in Europe and optimized the technology for a high quality, beautiful and LUXE experience.

For the party that deserves the best and most beautiful.

When Can You Use a Photobooth?


How can you make sure you get awesome photos of all of your guests? Your wedding photographer is focused on you and your family, but with our luxury photobooth you will have fun and hilarious photos of all your guests at their most sloppy drunk…

Birthday Parties

What’s a great party if you aren’t going to remember it? Give your guests the gift of instant nostalgia the moment that flash goes off. 

Graduation Parties

Its the end of something, and you might never see all these people again. Do your best to remember that girl from science class with a picture! Better yet, get tagged in her instagram post. 

Corporate Events

What better way to host an awesome party than to hand your guests a cocktail and have them pose for a picture? Use custom-branded photostrips so your name is taped to their fridge along with their mugshot.

Store Openings

How do you make sure that people post about your big opening or event? Give them branded photos and videos to post online! Suddenly your brand is all over the internet in their happy photos and videos!

Photostrip printing by top open air photobooth in Chicago

The Best Party

without all the work

Geneva, Illinois High End Wedding Photo Booth

Here's To The Best Party Yet


High End

Photo Strip Printing with Geneva Illinois Photobooth

An Awesome Party. Guaranteed.

High Quality Photos

They will love to share their photos and videos online, and save that photo strip forever!

A Beautiful Experience

People will always remember how you made them feel – show them that every detail in your event is beautiful and fun.

Remember Your Guests

Everyone will share/post/tag from your event – what better way to remember everyone who attended? 


Luxe is the rare and beautiful combination of old world charm and craftsmanship perfectly combined with todays most up to date technology. Luxe is that elusive yet essential ingredient to make any gathering a party.

Photobooths are often forgettable. This booth was an amazing, chic experience that I won’t forget!

We absolutely LOVED our Photo Booth from Luxe at our wedding! It was a huge hit and everyone enjoyed it! The props were fabulous and the gentleman who assisted with capturing the pictures was great and so fun! We loved that the guests could send themselves a copy of their pics and we were able to receive all the photos taken at the end! Absolutely a fabulous addition to our day!